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Employee Commendation Meeting

The employee commendation meeting 2012 was held at Room 708 on the morning of October 26th, 2012. Present to the meeting were 15 participants, including General Manager Wang Ping, GM Assistants Zhou Cong and Cao Jing.

The awarding ceremony was held after Mr. Zhou announced the Notice of Commendation. Then some winners reported the making of their achievements, including Zhao Li from Produce Department, who used to win the third prize at “Undertaking and Innovation” Cutting Technique Competition for Hospitality (Food and Beverage) in New District, Li Guo on behalf of Engineering Department who was a “Learning Example” and Ye Ting from Front Office who was an “Excellent Trainee” of the Korean language training. Finally, Mr. Wang concluded that “learning” is appreciated and supported considerable within the hotel. He said investment will be made in training and building a learning team in order to promote hotel operation.

The commendation meeting is intended to commend the excellent employees, motivate the hotel staff and build the corporate culture that hard-working, teamwork and progress are appreciated within the organization. The Hotel will pay more attention to promote employee examples and give full play to their skills and brains.

Conference of Huishan District Health Bureau

On the afternoon of November 25th, a conference organized by Health Bureau of Huishan District was held in the Banquet Hall on the second floor of the Hotel.

Present to the meeting were 80 participants, including 24 members of Wuxi Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, 3 representatives of Wuxi Municipal People’s Congress and leaders of Wuxi Development and Reform Commission, Commission of Agriculture and Bureaus of Health, Commerce, Finance, Urban Management, Quality Supervision, Industry & Commerce and Food & Drug Administration, as well as reporters and journalists.

Very much importance was attached by the leadership of the hotel. The reception was made on a VIP standard by unleashing our considerate and professional hospitality.This event was successfully completed thanks to excellent assistance and support of many departments of the hotel, giving good play to their perfect teamwork and excellent cooperation. Our service received very favorable comment from the organizers and participants of the conference.

The staff will make more efforts to ensure each event proves a success and help the hotel achieve both social benefits and economical benefits.

“Jiangsu Price Integrity Enterprise 2010-11”

On December 6th, 2011, “Jiangsu Price Integrity Enterprise 2010-11” Conferring Ceremony and Training Conference was held at Yangzhou Conference Center Hotel.

265 enterprises from Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou, Suzhou and Zhenjiang were entitled “Price Integrity Enterprise”. ZOYI International Business Hotel is one of 43 “Price Integrity Enterprises” based in Wuxi (3 hotels among them). Since it was put into operation, this hotel has attached much importance to social integrity building, especially to price integrity associated with hotel operation and reputation. For that purpose, the hotel has established a leading group in charge of integrity undertakings, which works to supervise price affairs in order to standardize the price integrity management within the hotel.

It is the second time that this hotel has received honors associated with price integrity this year. “Price Clear and Integrity First”, this is the foundation on which an enterprise develops successfully. We’ll continue following the tenet, make continuous improvements and better integrity management.